Friday, March 24, 2006

Just another day in paradise!

Yesterday, I woke up with my blood boiling. The previous week had played host to a series of events which questioned my worth in many different things. So I decided "THATS IT! No more will I be a loser, No more a wimp, No more a pushover, No more a non entity! No more will I be told wht to do! Yes Sir! Meet the new, confident, succesful me!"

I wanted to enjoy the morning with the paper and a hot cuppa coffee. So , I dragged myself outta bed and asked my mom for raison d' tere. What I got in return was a cold sneer and a lpiece of her mind as it was already 9 in the morning and she was all set to go to college. Left with no other option , I had to enter the kitchen to do the honours myself. Well, there are lotsa stories which revolve round my dexterity but lets jst agree to the point that when it comes to do anything with the hands I am quite a sight to watch. So I started with making it, the I nudged the cup by mistake and the milk was all over the place....and thn it started "look at u...24 ys old and cant mk a cup of coffee...At ur age I was married and running the house...i had cleanedup the whole palce..and u hv messed it up totally....blah blah blah "

And thn it was my dad's turn. I was in a training some time ago and was not in office for a whole week. And for my great luck, tht was the time when the Payables team here in office had sent a mail asking the everyone to delcare their savings investments. I missed tht window and there I was standing with a sheepish grin on my face in front of my dad when he asked me about it. "You hv absolutely no responibility!! When the rest of the comapany has done it why not u? U shd hv talked to those ppl later. In the 30 ys career I have never missed a single filing. Look at you, jst in ur third year and ......nowadays youngsters hv no value for money...blah blah blah".

Well nxt stop, office! My TL was keeping quite busy and asked me to prepare the weekly status report. Our team is getting all ready to fly to Germany agn and every one was running up and down the whole of last week behind the travel desk guys. So, literally there was very little work done. I wondered for a long time wht to put in the report..there was absolutely nothing!!! So , i deleted lot of the earlier tables and fields and made some very general statements here n there and mailed it to him. And thn in aminute he pinged me back. "Sandeep can I have a word with you?"..and so the tirade continued.." I understand that there are no points to be listed under the action items column, but tht shd not stop us from projecting that we r putting in productive 8 hrs everyday. As a services comapany, we need to be in constant touch with the customer and add value to his business ventures. Its going to be very difficult for you if u continue with this attitude whn ur a manager. See, such things no one is going to teach u in any business school..these are nuances u learn only after working as a manager. A weekly status report should talk about what the action items of the last week were, wht targets we met this week, thier deliverrables and what we plan to finish by when in the coming time. If there are any dependacies or bottlenecks we list them in the order of the decendinding priority and blah blah blah"

And thn finally I went to play badminton in the evening, the only real joy in for me in the whole day. I was a busy last week for me and I could not play a single day. So, I was a bit rusty in the first cpl of games with a lot of shots not going where I intended thm to go. I was playing with this lady as a partner yesterday and I shd say tht she is not among those players who sill set the court on fire with her game evn after some 50 yrs of playing!! Anyway, ppl who hv played with me will know tht my game is very suicidal. I always go for high risk, high difficulty shots , kinda like Marat Safin! If it comes off, it looks spectacular, but most of the times it doesnt!! and I end up looking very silly missing lollipops, hitting a drop shot which doesnt evn travel half my court!!! So, with the combination of high risk shots and my long absence from the court, I as in peak form yesterday in the court. Even if myooponests had tried theri hardest, they couldnt hv lost. So, our lady here got irritated topaly with an idiot like me and of all teh ppl in the courr she started advising me "look, dont go for drop shots every time..if the cock is lobbed up in the serve go to the net and smash it..blah blah blah"....

At the end of the day , I thought "aah, who am I kidding", recalled a CAlvin strip and went to bed with a smile.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rock-shasa Reloaded

Hello pheephul..... Encouraged by the high levels of joblessness at office, occurrences of interesting events and in pursuit of the eternal quest of clearing the mess upstairs, I have decided to start blogging again. If u r down ,sad, depressed, frustrated and pissed off with life, visit . No, its not going to solve ur problems, but it might make u feel better, whn u see tht someone else has had a worse day!



Current mood: Excited