Saturday, June 17, 2006

The show must go on..................

I could never learn tables beyond 10.
I could never mug up the points for the 5 year plans.
I could never correctly remember which Moghul emperor came after whom.
I could never calculate the molarity of a chemical correctly.
I could never appriciate the 'beauty' of algebra, however hard my teachers tried.
I could never mug up anything beyond the 'Rama shabda' properly.
I could never draw the butterfly as it shd be, in my lab records.
I could never calclulate the rate of water flow in those pipe problems.
I could never differenciate between Frost and Yeats.
I could never recall which Kannada Jnanpeeth awaardee wrote what?
I could never write down Fridel-kraft's alcylation reaction properly.
I could never fathom the real purpose behind the Laplace Transforms.
I could never decipher the basics of signal processing.
I could never understand the real reason for having a star-delta starter.
I could never write a doubly linked-list on my own.
I could never realize the importance of the "professional way of working".

Yet , here I am. Somehow surviving to fight another day. And now, I am going to do my MBA.

I dunno how to prepare a balance sheet.
I dunno how to use statistics for data interpretation.
I dunno why we should learn opearations.
I dunno anything beyond calculating simple interest.
I dunno an iota abt supply chain management.
I dunno how am I going to survice the next two years.

Lord forgive me, for I know not what I am doing!